Candela, lumen and lux, how light is measured

Candela Long ago, before electricity existed, luminosity was measured with a candle (candela). Candela became a unit to express illuminance. One candela was the light intensity of one standard candle.

Lumen Candela was then used as the basis for a new unit, ‘lumen’. The definition of lumen: ”Unit for the total amount of light in a light beam”. Applied to lighting products, it is a measure of the total amount of visible light that a light source radiates in all directions. Today, lumens are increasingly used to express the amount of light from a light source.

Lux But you can’t do much with this yet. It depends on the environment how much light you actually experience. Lamp X provides more light in a toilet room than in a sports hall. The unit ‘lux’ has been developed to measure and express the amount of light in a certain environment.

So the amount of light emitted by a light source is expressed in the unit lumen and the amount of light per square meter (illuminance) is expressed in the unit lux.


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