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Color rendering and light temperature

CRI This is the abbreviation of Colour Rendering Index, and is also known as colour rendering index. The CRI is an index and says something about how colours are represented by the light source, compared to a reference light source such as daylight.

The colour rendering index is indicated by values between 0 and 100 Ra. Here, the value 100 Ra means that the light of the light source is identical to that of the reference light source. Light sources with a CRI of 100 Ra provide the most true-to-life colour rendering. So, the lower the CRI is, the less accurate the lighting will display the colours.

Kelvin The color temperature of lighting or the warmth of the light is expressed in Kelvin. This has nothing to do with how warm the lamp gets, but whether the light looks warm or cold.

Colour temperature is expressed in units Kelvin (K). The higher the Kelvin number, the “colder” and whiter the light is. The lower the Kelvin number, the “warmer” and yellower the light is.

More than 4000K: Cold white,

3001K – 4000K: Neutral white,

2700K – 3000K: Warm white,

up to 2700K: Extra warm white .

Our LED lighting is performed in 2700K, this gives the LED an extra warm light tone and that produces beautiful lighting!


We only work with outdoor LED designed by ourselves.By using the latest technology with the best quality, the lighting is good for 75,000 thousand burning hours.
Due to this high quality, we offer a 5-year warranty on all our products.

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From 2022 we will start taking in old lighting. Our professional, your gardener or installer, takes the old lighting with him. They hand it in to us and we process it.
This way you can easily contribute to recycling.

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Making lighting is all about the right composition of the factors. From raw material and light quality to power and voltage. We can only achieve this high quality with the right composition and the right production technique.

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Our company policy: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.” We are a sustainable company and we keep moving!

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