5 year warranty on all products

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Suslight UK Ltd Guarantee

Suslight UK Ltd. LED Garden Lights come with a standard 5 year warranty. On occasion a different guarantee period is detailed on the invoice (for some special projects a different warranty period may apply.

Suslight products are manufactured with great care to ISO9001. In the unlikely event of a product being defective we will ensure fast and effective handling of the problem.

Defects may fall into two categories:

1. Defect detected on delivery or installation

Immediately contact Suslight UK Ltd so we can issue a replacement the next working day or by the fastest delivery service available.

2. Defect detected after installation

Please supply the invoice number and the code number found on the label attached to the light. For Sus Mini Sun we only need the invoice number. We will immediately process your claim and replace defect lights.

Defect lights should be returned to us immediately, non-receipt of the defect product within 14 days of the claim can result in replacement products and delivery charges being invoiced.