Led outdoor spots

The LED outdoor spotlight by Suslight shines out in every garden design!

Thanks to their design but also their matt finish and dark colour, our LED outdoor spots blend in perfectly with their surroundings. But as soon as the light is turned on, you will see a beautiful warm white light with a powerful beam up to 6 metres.

The light beam of our outdoor spots can be rotated, making them ideal for illuminating facades, trees, shrubs or architectural features and sculptures. They are available with a ground stake or as a screw model so that they can be used in any garden design.

Our outdoor LED spotlights must be weather resistant and have an IP rating of 66, which means that they are fully protected against dust and waterproof. They also have to be tough/load bearing, if they are hit by a ball for example, and have a load capacity of IK08, which means that they are impact resistant.

Based on our principle of sustainable entrepreneurship, we work exclusively with LED lighting. Our LED lighting is produced in 2700K, which gives the LED an extra warm light tone.

Each product is supervised by Suslight employees throughout the entire production process, from idea to delivery. Our products are regularly checked by both internal and external qualified testing laboratories. That is why we are confident to give a 5-year guarantee on our lamps and transformers and are proud to say that our lamps will be good for 75,000 hours of use. That equates to an incredible 16 years that the lamps should last for.

The LED outdoor spots are connected by the 24 V Quick Safe-Connect cable system.