Energy smartness, that’s perhaps the best brief description for Suslight. Thinking in Energy smartness goals, Suslight has been able to develop the most energy efficient garden lighting solutions in Europe and perhaps even the Globe. One of the basic principles of energy smartness is ease of use.

Suslights unique Quick Connect System gives the best ease of use, following up on these basic but imperative features:

  • Absolutely 100% fool proof (it’s nearly impossible to connect the system improper)
  • Easy and quick installation (24V DC SELV system with male female connectors from the LED Driver to the lamps)
  • Easy integration of intelligence ( 100% connectable smart dusk to dawn sensor and dawn to dusk sensor with timer)
  • Highly reliable and extremely robust connect system (well insulated wires and connectors, IP68)

“We can develop highly intelligent lighting solutions but if there are just a hand full of people able to work with the system, then we can not and shall not call it intelligent, ever!”
Suslight founders