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Suslight and Sustainability

Suslight holds the future of our planet in high regard, making sure our clients can enjoy their gardens at night and simultaneously ensuring a significant reduction in carbons emissions.

By the smart energy efficient lighting solutions Suslight reduces energy consumption for ambient garden lighting to its bare minimum, meanwhile cutting back the ecological footprint by providing high quality lighting solutions that have long and reliable lifetimes.

Adopting new technological breakthroughs in the field of LED lighting gives Suslight a unique proposition. Combining these breakthroughs together with smart sensors and timers gives every garden the best ambiance possible while maintaining an environmental friendly footprint.

At Suslight we take our responsibility for our future generations to come and we are therefore a proud partner of the one percent for the planet association.

Suslight Sustainability goals:

  1. Suslight and her local partners will operate at minimum on a CO2 neutral basis.
  2. Suslight devotes her existence to the right of efficiency for lighting solutions, therefore Suslight is always investing in new ways to reduce energy consumption by energy smartness.
  3. Providing a fair and balanced product portfolio of outstanding quality to its users and clients for the best price the market has to offer.
  4. The value of the human being is held in high regard, no human being will be extorted. All partner companies of Suslight have signed declarations regarding:
  • healthy work environment
  • no extortion of human beings
  • no child labour
  • respecting human rights

Throughout the entire supply chain of Suslight respect for our planet and the value of the human being is held in high regard.

Who Benefits by using Suslights sustainable lighting solutions?

Suslight is a proud member of the one percent to the planet association

Taking responsibility for our future generations to come, Suslight donates one percent of its turnover to ECNC using the platform of the one percent to the plant association.

“ECNC is dedicated to a beautiful Europe based on a rich biodiversity, healthy ecosystems and sustainable development. ECNC promotes an integrated approach for both land and sea and stimulates interaction between science, society and policy.”


All partners and employees at the registered partners of Suslight have a healthy work environment. A high respect for the universal human rights and a ecological responsible business philosophy in operating their business.

Suslight strives for fair and balanced partnerships in which all members are dedicated to maintain a win-win proposition for all stakeholders.

End users

The end user is the foundation on which Suslight develops its future sustainable energy efficient lighting systems. The end user will receive the best quality for the best price available in the market together with reliable and easy to use smart systems (Suslights unique Quick Connect System).

Reducing energy consumption, therefore lowering energy bills and carbon emission while maintaining or creating a beautiful ambience in their night gardens.


By giving back to nature, reducing waste and energy consumption and recycling packaging materials and such Suslight breathes the air of sustainability. Suslight and her registered partners must be truly CO2 neutral.

“WA Verlichting B.V. is proud partner of Suslight covering the Netherlands. WA Verlichting B.V. founders have set up the company in a truly CO2 neutral spirit, operating at CO2 neutral levels from the get-go. Becoming a member of the B-Corp group is their primary goal regarding sustainability