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B-Corporation When we started doing business, we knew for sure that it had to be sustainable business. This is with a view to keeping the earth liveable for the next generation. But respect for human rights also had to take centre stage.
We also wanted to do something for our immediate environment. Naturally, after doing a B-lab impact assessment, we became a B-Corporation. It keeps us sharp and on the move. We set ourselves new goals every year to continue to grow in sustainable entrepreneurship.

B Corp certification This is an international certification for companies that have a large, positive impact on people and the environment. These companies, small and large, have given sustainability a permanent place in their DNA and know how to create value in several ways.
What makes the B Corp certification unique is its holistic nature. For example, B Corp does not look at one aspect of your company, but at your entire business operation. From the impact in your production chain to the benefits your employees offer: with a B Corp status you show that you are doing well in several areas.


We only work with outdoor LED designed by ourselves.By using the latest technology with the best quality, the lighting is good for 75,000 thousand burning hours.
Due to this high quality, we offer a 5-year warranty on all our products.

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From 2022 we will start taking in old lighting. Our professional, your gardener or installer, takes the old lighting with him. They hand it in to us and we process it.
This way you can easily contribute to recycling.

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Making lighting is all about the right composition of the factors. From raw material and light quality to power and voltage. We can only achieve this high quality with the right composition and the right production technique.

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Our company policy: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.” We are a sustainable company and we keep moving!

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