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Bart  |  24 January 2022

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Robert Bikker tells Since last year, garden architect Robert Bikker has been co-owner of the company Bikker Tuinarchitecten en Hoveniers from Elspeet, Holland. Bikker has entered into a partnership with Suslight for the lighting of the gardens that they design and maintain.

Light demonstration To give his customers an idea of ​​the atmosphere of the garden with lighting, Robert often gives a light demonstration. “It actually starts with that. From there we look at the personal wishes of the customer and these are included in the design. I plan an evening for the light demonstration and then I turn off the lamps in the customer’s garden. This way people can already see what the effect of the lighting will be. If you were to work with a 220-volt system, you would be much less flexible. Suslight’s products operate on a 24-volt system. If desired, I can easily change a lamp to a stronger or weaker lamp. I often work with two lighting groups in the garden: one for mood lighting, for example to illuminate trees. And one for the functional lighting to illuminate the walkways, among other things.”

Cost consideration “Whether people want exuberant or subtle lighting in their garden: with the Suslight range I can always make a suitable offer,” says Robert. He already takes lighting into account when creating a garden design. “Sometimes people don’t want to have garden lighting installed immediately for reasons of cost. Then I always suggest burying the electricity cables when the garden is in the process of being shoveled. The actual purchase of the fixtures and connection of the lighting can then be done at a later time. This saves costs and time.”

Innovative and sustainable The landscape architect is very pleased with the quality, but also with the service from Suslight: “I recently had a transformer with a small production error. All I have to do is call and they take immediate action. What I also like: it is a relatively young company that is very focused on innovations. Work is now underway on a system that allows you to switch lamps individually. That’s great, because it gives me more flexibility in garden design. Due to the innovative character of this lighting, I can also offer it to a higher segment in the market. Suslight is also doing well in the field of sustainability: the lamps are all energy-efficient LEDs. And the cables are made in such a way that they are suitable for possible reuse.”

We only work with outdoor LED designed by ourselves.By using the latest technology with the best quality, the lighting is good for 75,000 thousand burning hours.
Due to this high quality, we offer a 5-year warranty on all our products.

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From 2022 we will start taking in old lighting. Our professional, your gardener or installer, takes the old lighting with him. They hand it in to us and we process it.
This way you can easily contribute to recycling.

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Making lighting is all about the right composition of the factors. From raw material and light quality to power and voltage. We can only achieve this high quality with the right composition and the right production technique.

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Our company policy: “Sustainable development is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations.” We are a sustainable company and we keep moving!

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